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September 19-21, 2022

Air, Space & Cyber Conference

National Harbor, MD

CAE is a proud partner to the U.S. Air Force and U.S Space Force, committed to the design, development, and delivery of advanced training solutions for our next generation forces. As a technology company we are honored to serve the air, space, and cyber community where our focus is on digitalizing the physical world and harnessing the power of advanced and emerging technologies, artificial intelligence, synthetic environments, and big data to develop and implement systems that address today’s military training challenges.

We look forward to welcoming you to CAE’s booth #223 during this year’s event as we celebrate 75 years of technology leadership with our customers and partners, and honoring AFA’s 75 years in the defense of our nation.

CAE Catalyst - Defense & Security Podcast

Host: Regan Patrick, Chief Learning Officer, CAE Defense & Security
Guests: Dr. Gary Eves, Principal Technology Officers, CAE Defense & Security, Australia and
                 Maryse Carmichael, Special Advisor Aircrew Training, CAE Defense & Security, Canada

Air, Space & Cyber Conference

National Harbor, MD
Booth 223

September 19-21, 2022

Booth: 223


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CAE at Air, Space & Cyber Conference

CAE is harnessing the power of digital technologies, artificial intelligence, synthetic environments, and big data to develop and implement systems that address today’s military training challenges as they operate across multiple domains.

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CAE VISTA – Virtual ISR Training Application

CAE Virtual Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance Training Application (VISTA) provides real-time dynamic feeds from virtual C4ISR assets and fed directly to intelligence screeners and C2 terminals. Controlled in real-time, VISTA can provide C4ISR professionals a dedicated, highly affordable, stand-alone access to train, conduct mission rehearsal, or assess their operational plans on any mission set from initial preparation of the operational environment (IPOE) to real-time interdiction support and strike, and all-domain near-peer targeting.

Cloud-ready, VISTA is compliant with the USAF’s Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) standards and can link multiple US and coalition partners for small- or large-scale mission training and exercises. Its containerized architecture allows it to be installed as part of any centralized or local cloud system to scale support across any JADC2 enterprise. VISTA is a key enabler for a true, common virtual training environment for the joint force.

CAE USA is the prime contractor on the Air Force's Simulators Common Architecture Requirements and Standards (SCARS) program, which is designed to provide the Air Force an Enterprise Solution that implements use of a common, cyber-resilient infrastructure specifically designed to support the Joint Synthetic Environment and Distributed Mission Operations training across all Air Force Major Weapons Systems.

CAE USA is leading the development of the SCARS enterprise which includes common architectural design standards, common computational technology applications, and a user development toolkit to support implementation and use of common technology applications to rapidly increase warfighter readiness. SCARS will provide the warfighter with an inter-connected, cyber-resilient, multi-level security synthetic environment supported using common, best-of-breed synthetic applications for all Air Force legacy, 5th Generation, and 6th Generation synthetic mission training. The SCARS Enterprise includes 2,400+ USAF simulators across 300 locations.

CAE USA has developed a medium-fidelity T-38 virtual reality (VR) training device in support of the USAF training modernization to deliver faster development and lower costs while retaining a high fidelity training experience. Our mix of medium fidelity hardware and high fidelity models presented in a seamless virtual environment provides a realistic flight training experience with accurate aerodynamics, control response, and spatially accurate tactile feedback. This mix of COTs equipment, 3-D printed parts, and actual aircraft flight models packaged into a compact deployable trainer enables the acceleration of training transformation for military customers. The T-38A VR trainer is totally immersive and supports up to 85% of training tasks, including emergency procedures and actual flying the aircraft skill development. The technology is adaptable to any aircraft type and offers an affordable, deployable, and lower risk alternative to full flight simulation devices.

CAE Joint Terminal Control Training Rehearsal System (JTC-TRS)

The JTC TRS is a mission critical simulation system used to train new Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTAC) to provide close air support by controlling aircraft weapons delivery on enemy forces. It is a fully immersive system enabling JTACs to train for complex missions in a simulated and controlled environment. The JTC TRS training system offers three configurations for JTAC training: a 270-degree field of view projected dome, a desktop configuration with flat screens, and a deployable configuration with a small footprint for individual training. Our dome and desktop configurations are Distributed Mission Operations Network (DMON) capable and provide pilot and instructor stations as well as emulated military equipment to enhance the training environment. Additionally, JTC TRS system includes the Joint Theater Air-Ground Simulation System (JTAGSS), which provides a live-virtual-construction and DMON enabled training environment for Air Support Operations Center personnel to coordinate air delivered fires on the battlefield.

The JTC TRS is being developed by CAE USA in Arlington, Texas and will be delivered to 26 Air Force designated training locations around the world. CAE USA will support the installation and ongoing maintenance of the simulation systems required for Joint Terminal Attack Controller training.

CAE Immersive Maintenance Guide (IMG)

CAE’s Immersive Maintenance Guide is part of our +Tempo line of training products designed to enhance and accelerate maintenance training. It is constructed with detailed and interactive 3D graphics and is delivered either via tablet or in an immersive virtual reality environment through headsets. IMG provides access to the same advanced courseware, which includes current technical order and Interactive Electronic Tech Manuals (IETMS) data. Benefits of IMG include accelerated skills acquisition, built in performance feedback, rapid ingestion of updated technical order data, and reduced need for live assets, to name a few. IMG brings effective maintenance training at the point of need and was proven on a CV-22 trial to increase student’s overall proficiency and confidence by 42%.

Insights on Industry and Innovation

Training modernization is impacting our military customers globally and CAE Defense & Security is innovating and adapting to meet the evolving needs of our customers.  Follow us on LinkedIn to see how we are advancing training to increase safety, efficiency, and mission readiness.

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